How do you solve a problem like culture?

Tear and Share was a project that resulted from a task set at the Nudge Design Camp, Kolding, Denmark 2012.
The problem as set by our cilent the Fredricia Kommune Municipality was to how we would get people in a large houseing estate in Fredricia, Denmark to interact with the areas social workers, the estate facilites and each other.

Through a seris of lectures, site visits, interviews, intensive research and brainstorming our solution to positivly infrom a behavioural change was a set of perforated business cards and a network board that would create a low-tech low-cost social network within the area.

To do this we focused on the skills and hobbies of the residents of Sonderparken. We wanted to create a way they could discover thier value to the community, have the oppurtunity to learn new skills, all the while engaging with fellow residents.

By engaging the residents upon receiving thier cards, to sit and think about their skills and job title this would first inspire them to share their card. Next, to motivate people to now use their business cards a board was designed onto which people can display their cards to the community. Not only does this create more interaction betweeen community members, but it can also urge people to network in terms of possible business opportunities, volunteering in the community or other social activities that have value. 

Designed in collaboration with Claire Markotter, Rickey Lindberg Jensen, Lasse Breinholm Skovlund & Nudge Design Camp 2012.