This research and communication heavy project is centred on a critique of a specific commuter experience. Having travelled through a number of research topics, Squick was developed in the response to the late night/ early morning intoxicated commuter. Focusing on the experience of feeling ill whilst using transport.

Squick is a take on the sick bag, but differs in distribution and function. Disguised as an accessory of the everyday commuters coffee cup but contains a pink bag attached to the inside seam.

The user vomiting removes the lid, vomits into the cup, with the bag releasing to add extra volume.
The lid is then replaced to seal the contents. Under the recess in the lid
is a refreshment that can be released by peeling away the foil cover, all the while being disguised as a coffee cup (a common feature in everyday commutes).

It can then be binned with the pink bag acting as a warning to its contents. 

Designed in collaboration with Veronica Wesolowski

Copyright Matt Marshall 2013